Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The components of cultural identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The components of cultural identity - Essay Example Their understanding of just how to make a behavioral change happen and maintain it in a sustainable way is impressive. Australian companies do understand the values that underlie beneath a values-based leadership." (Human resource magazine, 2009) One of the Australia’s biggest supermarket chains is Woolworth retailers. Woolworths possess dominant position in the groceries as well as consumer interest in electronics. Woolworths Limited came in to being in 1924, first store at imperial arcade. The company has the logo of â€Å"The Fresh Food People† and it is famous throughout Aussie as key slogan to represent companies’ strategy. On 22 August 2008, Woolworth re-launched its identity as a competitive stance for modern, safer and more likeable brand. Woolworth uses aggressive promotional strategy. Woolworth realizes the importance that promoting the product before its launch in the market. Promotion brings in handsome results and profits. Woolworth makes use of comp onents of culture identity to create and market its products and services. Paragraph # 1 As define by Jamson2007 in his book class differences often define groups of people sharing common values, behavior, attitudes. Though sources of wealth might differ, the rich often share values and behavior similar to others. Woolworth knows that its elite customers value quality above all. So depending upon the demands of its customers, Woolworth creates and markets its products. Woolworth knows that for better quality products the best quality raw materials have to be use. To ensure that its products are quality approved it imposes TQM (total quality management). For special Woolies- production lines the local clothing manufacturers have to separate Woolies production lines from others in their plant. This is for ensuring proper quality control procedures and quality demand requirements. Woolworth constructs its advertising strategy considering the target market. Woolworth target status-consc ious clientele who value their reputation above everything else and measure it in terms of quality at inconsiderate price ranges. For such quality valuing class, Woolworth ensures the strategy of even at a fraction of price gets double the quality.† Such strategy of offering double quality at each penny attracts the upper class clientele, who share common values and behavior and even attitudes. Jameson2007 further points out that the prestige of social class depends on family history, celebrity, or power. As a result, Woolworth tries its best to appeal new target markets using such means. For instance, Woolworth has tried attracting more affluent clientele by introducing new product lines associated with prominent designers or celebrities. A recent example of such is the new advertising campaign of Jupiter Drawing Room in The Cape Town. Woolworth â€Å"W† Collection ads featured well-known business clientele including Seeff Properties' Samuel Seeff, Sasol's Christine Ra mon and other well-known captains of the business industry all proudly sporting the Woolies "W" Collection. It is a great advertising strategy that is been use as a testimonial route because today customers from age groups tend to more inclined towards celebrities and their choices. Paragraph#2 Organizational strategy and decision-making often needs to account for cultural differences related to density or regional

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